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ABAC Pro A29B 10BAR, 11.2CFM Air Compressor

ABAC Pro A29B 10BAR, 11.2CFM Air Compressor

Product ID:
Max. Pressure:
636.71 (530.59 ex VAT) 


Experience Power and Efficiency with the A29B PRO Single Stage Belt Driven Compressor - Redefine Your Workspace

Introducing the A29B PRO Single Stage Belt Driven Compressor - a solution designed to bring power and efficiency to your workspace. This compressor belongs to the A29B PRO range, characterized by user-friendliness and lower operating temperatures, ensuring a seamless experience for your tasks.

Key Highlights:

  • Lubricated Belt Drive: The A29B PRO boasts an oil-lubricated belt drive system, guaranteeing smooth and efficient operation that you can rely on.
  • Robust Motor: With a 3 hp (2.2 kW) motor, this compressor delivers substantial power to handle your tasks with ease.
  • Precision Voltage: Operating at 230 volts, this compressor ensures compatibility and optimal performance.
  • Generous Tank Size: The 50-liter tank capacity provides you with ample compressed air, catering to various applications.
  • Impressive Output: With an output of 320 liters per minute (11.2 cfm Displacement, 7.9 Free Air Delivered), this compressor takes on tasks effortlessly.
  • Maximum Working Pressure: Capable of reaching a maximum working pressure of 10 Bar, this compressor tackles diverse applications.
  • Noise Level: Operating at 95 dB(A), this compressor strikes a balance between power and comfort.
  • Lightweight: Weighing 45 kg, this compressor is designed for ease of handling and mobility.

Important Notes:

  • Power Supply Requirements: Not to be run on an extension lead. This invalidates warranty. A required power supply of 2.5mm cable, 16amp ring main (no extensions).
  • Duty Cycle: Please note that all 1 Phase 240 volt compressors have a 50% duty cycle. This means 3 minutes on, 3 minutes off, up to a maximum of 10 motor starts per hour.
  • Intended Use: This compressor is not intended for heavy-duty use.

Experience the A29B PRO Single Stage Belt Driven Compressor and unlock the potential of power and efficiency in your workspace.

Step into a realm of power and efficiency with the A29B PRO Single Stage Belt Driven Compressor. Elevate your tasks with this reliable solution, and redefine what's achievable in your workspace.


CFM (DISP):11.2
CFM (FAD):7.9
Air Outlet:Series 25 Female QR
dB(A) LwA:95