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ABAC Pole Position L20 8BAR, 7.8CFM Air Compressor

ABAC Pole Position L20 8BAR, 7.8CFM Air Compressor

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Max. Pressure:
218.82 (182.35 ex VAT) 


Meet the ABAC Pole Position L20 Air Compressor: Unleash Power and Efficiency

Experience effortless performance with the ABAC Pole Position L20 Air Compressor - a pinnacle of reliability and convenience. The L20 range of oil lubricated direct driven compressors redefines simplicity, making even small tasks a breeze.

  • Oil Lubricated Pump: The ABAC Pole Position L20 features an oil lubricated pump for smooth and efficient operation, ensuring a longer lifespan and minimal maintenance.
  • Robust Motor: Boasting a 2 horsepower (1.5 kW) motor, this compressor offers the power needed to tackle tasks with ease, from small projects to more demanding applications.
  • Seamless Setup: Operating at 230V/50Hz/1Ph with a 13amp plug, the ABAC Pole Position L20 is designed for easy integration into your workspace.
  • Generous Tank Size: With a 24-litre tank, you'll have ample compressed air supply on hand, providing consistent performance for various tasks.
  • Impressive Output: Delivering an output of 220 liters per minute (7.8 cubic feet per minute), this compressor ensures a reliable flow of compressed air to meet your needs.
  • Maximum Working Pressure: With a maximum working pressure of 8 bar, the ABAC Pole Position L20 is well-equipped to handle a range of applications.
  • Low Noise Operation: Operating at a mere 70dB(A), this compressor maintains a quieter working environment, minimizing disruptions.
  • Compact and Portable: Weighing just 25 kilograms and measuring L 600 x W 325 x H 605 mm, this compressor offers easy portability and a space-saving footprint.

Upgrade your compressed air solution with the ABAC Pole Position L20 Air Compressor. With its exceptional performance, convenience, and compact design, this compressor redefines efficiency for a wide range of tasks.

Unleash the power and convenience of the ABAC Pole Position L20 Air Compressor. Elevate your work experience with a compressor that's designed to simplify tasks, provide reliable performance, and enhance your productivity.


Air Outlet:Series 25 Female QR
dB(A) LpA:70