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ABAC Dry 830, 489CFM Refrigerant Dryer

ABAC Dry 830, 489CFM Refrigerant Dryer

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3,506.82 (2,922.35 ex VAT) 


Master Your Compressed Air System with Precision Dryer Sizing

When it comes to optimizing your compressed air system, precise dryer sizing is key. We understand the significance of matching your compressor's volume (cfm - l/min) to your dryer's flow. Remember, it's safer to choose a larger capacity dryer to ensure it can effectively reduce air temperatures.

Banish Moisture Contamination:

Moisture in the air poses an ongoing challenge for compressed air systems. As compression generates heat, moisture transforms into vapor or steam. Unfortunately, vapor can easily bypass standard filters, leading to persistent contamination issues.

Efficient Moisture Management with Refrigerant Dryers:

For applications with continuous airflow needs, such as paint spraying or CNC operations, efficient moisture control is essential. Our refrigerant dryer operates much like your household refrigerator but with a critical difference. Instead of cooling food, it expertly reduces air temperatures to 3-5 degrees above ambient. This process causes vapor to condense into water droplets, efficiently captured and removed by our advanced filtration system.

Advantages of Refrigerant Dryers:

  • Extended Equipment Lifespan: Minimize wear and tear, substantially extending the lifespan of your equipment and distribution network, saving you significant costs.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Fewer breakdowns result in improved productivity and lower maintenance costs, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Prioritize Air Quality:

Elevate your compressed air system's air quality with our properly sized dryer. Benefit from an extended equipment life, improved productivity, and lower maintenance costs.


Dryer Platform:E12
Model:DRY 830
CFM +3C PDP:424
CFM +5C PDP:489
Connection:2" BSP
Filter:F* 765 (2") Size 13