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ABAC Dry 290, 171CFM Refrigerant Dryer

ABAC Dry 290, 171CFM Refrigerant Dryer

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Upgrade Your Compressed Air System with Precision Dryer Sizing

When it comes to optimizing your compressed air system, precise dryer sizing is crucial. We adhere to a simple rule of thumb: always match the volume (cfm - l/min) of your compressor to the flow of your dryer. While you can opt for a larger dryer, never compromise by going smaller. An undersized dryer can't effectively reduce air temperatures.

Tackling Persistent Moisture Contamination:

Moisture is an inherent element in compressed air systems. During compression, heat is generated, causing moisture to transform into vapor or steam. Unfortunately, vapor can easily bypass standard filters, leading to contamination.

Efficient Moisture Management with Refrigerant Dryers:

In applications requiring constant airflow, like paint spraying or CNC operations, efficient moisture removal becomes paramount. Our refrigerant dryer operates much like your household fridge, with a twist. Instead of preserving food, it reduces air temperatures to 3-5 degrees above ambient. As vapor transitions into solid water droplets, our advanced filter effectively captures and removes them.

Advantages of Refrigerant Dryers:

  • Extended Equipment Lifespan: Minimized wear and tear translates to a longer equipment and distribution network lifespan, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Fewer breakdowns mean better productivity and reduced maintenance expenses, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Prioritise Air Quality:

Elevate your compressed air system's air quality with our appropriately sized dryer. Benefit from extended equipment life, improved productivity, and lower maintenance costs.


Dryer Platform:E7.5
Model:DRY 290
CFM +3C PDP:145
CFM +5C PDP:171
Connection:1.1/2" BSP
Filter:F* 545 (1.1/2") Size 12