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ABAC Dry 210, 124CFM Refrigerant Dryer

ABAC Dry 210, 124CFM Refrigerant Dryer

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Optimize Your Compressed Air System with Proper Dryer Sizing

We understand that matching the volume (cfm - l/min) of your compressor to the flow of your dryer is essential for efficient performance. Our rule of thumb: always choose a dryer that can handle the air volume or go bigger, but never smaller.

Addressing Moisture Contamination:

Moisture is an inherent component of compressed air due to the heat generated during compression. This moisture initially exists as vapor or steam and can easily bypass standard filters.

Efficient Moisture Removal with Refrigerant Dryers:

In applications where constant airflow is crucial, such as paint spraying or CNC operations, efficient moisture removal is paramount. Our refrigerant dryer operates similarly to your home refrigerator, cooling the air to 3-5 degrees above ambient temperature. This process transforms vapor into solid water droplets, which can then be effectively removed by a filter.

Benefits of Refrigerant Dryers:

  • Prolonged Equipment Life: Reduced wear leads to a longer lifetime for your equipment and distribution network, resulting in substantial cost savings.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Fewer breakdowns mean better productivity and lower maintenance costs, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Prioritise Air Quality:

Ensure your compressed air system maintains top-notch air quality. Invest in our properly sized dryer to experience prolonged equipment life, increased productivity, and lower maintenance costs.


Dryer Platform:E6
Model:DRY 210
CFM +3C PDP:106
CFM +5C PDP:124
Connection:1" BSP
Filter:F* 178 (1") Size 8