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ABAC Dry 1260, 742CFM Refrigerant Dryer

ABAC Dry 1260, 742CFM Refrigerant Dryer

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Optimize Your Compressed Air System with Precision Dryer Sizing

We recognize that a well-balanced compressed air system is vital to your operations. The cornerstone of this balance lies in accurately sizing your dryer to match the volume (cfm - l/min) of your compressor.

Size Matters: Go Bigger, Never Smaller:

Our cardinal rule is simple but crucial: when it comes to dryer selection, always err on the side of larger capacity. Going smaller can leave your air volume inadequately treated, preventing effective temperature reduction.

Defend Against Moisture Contamination:

In the world of compressed air, moisture is a relentless adversary. As air is compressed, it generates heat, turning moisture into vapor or steam. Unfortunately, this vapor can easily bypass standard filters, infiltrating and contaminating your air system.

Efficient Moisture Management with Refrigerant Dryers:

For applications with constant airflow demands, such as paint spraying or CNC machining, efficient moisture control is paramount. Picture this: your home refrigerator, but instead of keeping food cold, it skillfully reduces air temperatures to just 3-5 degrees above ambient. During this process, vapor condenses into solid water droplets, ready to be expertly captured and removed by our advanced filtration system.

The Benefits of Our Refrigerant Dryers:

  • Extended Equipment Lifespan: Reduced wear and tear lead to a longer life for your equipment and distribution network, saving you substantial costs in the long run.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Fewer breakdowns translate to improved productivity and lower maintenance expenses, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Prioritize Air Quality:

Elevate your compressed air system's air quality with our precisely sized dryer. Enjoy an extended equipment lifespan, improved productivity, and lower maintenance costs.


Dryer Platform:E14
Model:DRY 1260
CFM +3C PDP:636
CFM +5C PDP:742
Connection:2.1/2" BSP
Filter:F* 765 (2") Size 14