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ABAC Dry 1040, 612CFM Refrigerant Dryer

ABAC Dry 1040, 612CFM Refrigerant Dryer

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Optimize Your Compressed Air System with Precision Dryer Sizing

We understand that achieving the perfect balance in your compressed air system is crucial. Properly sizing your dryer to match the volume (cfm - l/min) of your compressor is the first step towards efficiency.

Size Matters: Go Bigger, Never Smaller:

Our rule of thumb is simple: you can always go bigger, but never smaller when it comes to dryer sizing. Oversizing your dryer ensures that it can effectively reduce air temperatures, safeguarding your equipment and air quality.

Fight Back Against Moisture Contamination:

Moisture is the enemy of compressed air systems. When air is compressed, heat is generated, turning moisture into vapor or steam. Standard filters struggle to capture vapor, allowing it to bypass and contaminate your system.

Efficient Moisture Management with Refrigerant Dryers:

For continuous airflow applications like paint spraying or CNC operations, efficient moisture control is paramount. Our refrigerant dryer operates much like your home refrigerator, but with a vital distinction. Instead of cooling food, it expertly reduces air temperatures to 3-5 degrees above ambient. This cooling process transforms vapor into solid water droplets, effectively captured and removed by our advanced filtration system.

The Advantages of Our Refrigerant Dryers:

  • Extended Equipment Lifespan: Reduce wear and tear, leading to a longer lifespan for your equipment and distribution network, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Fewer breakdowns mean improved productivity and lower maintenance costs, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Prioritize Air Quality:

Elevate your compressed air system's air quality with our precisely sized dryer. Enjoy an extended equipment life, improved productivity, and lower maintenance costs.


Dryer Platform:E13
Model:DRY 1040
CFM +3C PDP:530
CFM +5C PDP:612
Connection:2.1/2" BSP
Filter:F* 765 (2") Size 14