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3M Performance Spray Gun Ball Valve

3M Performance Spray Gun Ball Valve

Product ID:
118.80 (99.00 ex VAT) 


Features and Benefts

  • Ball valve lets the painter stop fluid flow to spray gun.
  • Attaches between whip hose and supply hose in a pressure feed configuration.
  • Seals are compatible with both solvent-based and waterborne coatings.
  • Allows for spray gun removal or nozzle replacement without disabling the pressure source.

3M Performance Spray Gun Ball Valve is an accessory for the 3M Performance Spray Gun System configured as a pressure feed sprayer. The valve gives the spray gun operator the ability to stop the flow of paint from the pressure source (pot or pump) at the spray gun end of the supply hose. Recommended for use when the painter does not have easy access to the pressure source. Light and easy to use.

The addition of a 3M Performance Spray Gun Ball Valve allows a painter to quickly stop flow of liquid to the 3M Performance Spray Gun when the spray gun is set up as a pressure feed sprayer. This valve is recommended whenever the painter cannot easily access the pressure source (e.g. on a ladder or a long distance away). The lightweight valve is compatible with both waterborne and solvent-based coatings. It attaches to the whip hose at the bottom end of the spray gun handle. Valve has one male and one female threaded fitting. The quarter-turn handle aligns parallel to the hose when it is open, perpendicular when it closed. Use with the 3M Performance Spray Gun, an innovative solution designed with the industrial painter in mind. Made from an impact-resistant composite, it is one of the lightest spray guns in the industry, yet durable enough for demanding industrial conditions. Its versatile design allows painters to spray from a pressurized source or a gravity cup, and replaceable atomizing heads allow you to spray a full range of coatings while delivering like-new performance with every new nozzle.