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Graco LineDriver HD Airless Striping Accessory

Graco LineDriver HD Airless Striping Accessory

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CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

11,304.00 (9,420.00 ex VAT) 

Accessory to an airless striping machine. Transforms your striper into a ride-on push and pull, hydrostatic driver. It doubles your production rate and improves line quality while reducing operator’s fatigue.

Improved Productivity

  • Finish your jobs in half the time - Striping can be done faster compared to manually pushing. Save more time on all distances travelled while not striping.
  • High operator comfort - There is a physical limit as to how long a person can push a machine each day. Differences in street levels make manual work more difficult. The LineDriver overcomes these considerations.
  • Carry more paint - The power of the LineDriver enables carrying extra paint on board. Less time is lost for refills.

Improved Line Quality

  • Precise hydrostatic drive - Once the average, micron build is achieved, the LineDriver makes it easy to maintain the correct speed to reproduce exactly the same thickness throughout the job.
  • 1 hydraulic drive per wheel - Having the same force on each wheel guarantees a straighter line. This eliminates the natural side-to-side motion a person produces while walking.

Hydrostatic Advantages

  • Easy to use - Only change the oil to maintain the system. No belts, chains or gears to adjust or change.
  • Independent Honda engine - The LineDriver does not tax power from the striper engine. For tight striping jobs, just disassemble and use the striper on its own. The weight of the hydraulic and engine power is on the LineDriver, not on the striper.
  • LineDriver drives - On reverse, the LineDriver pulls back. On forward it pushes. Very simple and intuitive.


Engine Size:200 cc (4.1 kW)
Fuel Tank Capacity:3.6 Litre
Weight:125 kg
Dimensions (w x h x l):66 x 104 x 147 cm