Graco T-Max 657 Texture Spray System

Graco T-Max 657 Texture Spray System

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Max. Fluid Flow:
7.2 l/min
Max. Pressure:
65 bar


CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

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For the airless or air assisted application of virtually all interior plasters without the need of a compressor. Also suitable for decorative splatter type material finishes when used inconjunction with a compressed air supply.
The T-Max™ texture sprayers are piston-driven sprayers that offer the option to apply non-paint material without air!
With T-Max™, the compressor is no longer a requirement; it's an option to produce decorative effects. This lowers your initial investment in equipment by reducing the pieces of equipment needed on the job, eliminating transport, space and handling.
The T-Max™ 506 and 657 are unique in the sense that they are designed so that one person only can work with them. All elements of the T-Max are modular (cart, pump and hopper) meaning they can easily be dismantled, without any special tools. Once separated, each element becomes easily transportable, which is a great advantage for cleaning. This feature dramatically reduces set-up and clean-up time, without mentioning less effort if the job is on the top floor of a building.
Exchange your working boots with running shoes to handle the T-Max™ 657 (maximum 65 bar and 7 Ipm). It has twice the performance of the 506! In compressor-less mode, this high-performer will push plaster through 30 meters of hose (15 of them being vertical) and still manage a 651 tip. With this kind of performance, the 657 is ideal for large jobs, as the hopper is also larger and easily accepts 6 bags/buckets at a time.
The unit comes complete with hopper, lance with revolutionary swivel system and 2 material hoses (10m x 1 "regular and 3m x 3/4" whip hose). The lance comes standard with a Heavy Duty Airless Spray Kit and an Air-Assisted Fine Finish Spray set. Also included are an additional material filter, 15m 3/8" air hose with regulator and cleaning set.
By adding professional accessories such as a bag roller, a mixer kit, up to 15 metre hose and a heavy duty extension, you can extend your T-Max™ to a complete, professional plaster installation.
If you are a manual end-user, plastering over 75 square meters a day is hard work. After purchasing your T-Max™, 300 to 500 square metres per day will be your standard!

Professional Advantages

  • A very smooth finish, resulting in a lot less scraping.
  • Less handling and higher productivity can save up to 30% in time compared to manual work.
  • Hose length up to 30 meters possible, allowing to spray a complete villa without moving the T-Max.
  • Sprays most plasters in airless mode and decorative plasters (max 1.5mm) in air-assisted mode with an external compressor.

Comfort and efficiency

The T-Max™ makes your work more comfortable and generates time savings up to 30% compared to the conventional application methods. Using this innovative sprayer, you'll soon notice that this strong performer not only supports one person, but can easily support a team of 3 people, applying more than 500m² a day.

Airless Advantages

The very restricted spray fan is typical of airless spraying. This allows you to spray very closely around all obstacles such as windows, doors and other fixed decorations. Simply by moving forwards or backwards from the surface, decide yourself on the width of the spray fan. Close up means a small fan, further away means a wider spray pattern. You will not only need less taping, but also less laying off around all kind of objects on the wall.


The SmartControl™, the electronical brain of the T-MAX™, adjusts the motor to maintain an even spray pattern, which guarantees a constant finish. Browsing through the menu, the display shows interesting information such as pressure, material usage and error codes (self-diagnosis).


Max. Tip Size:"661
Max Fluid Flow:7.2 l/min
Max. Pressure:65 bar
Weight:66 kg
Hose Length:30 m
Hopper Capacity:6 bags - 90L
Air pressure:17 bar

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